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New Fonts This Week

Check out our fresh new faces. As always, subscribe to our newsletter and read this blog for the full stories. Be sure to check out the new webfonts now available from Hiba Studio and PsyOps Type Foundry. Now for the latest from the following foundries:




Hiba Studio

HS AlBasim A Web
HS AlBasim B Web
HS Alfaris Web



Mostardesign Studio

Kara Pro Complete


Edward Pro Complete

PsyOps Type Foundry

Armature Neue Complete

More from PsyOps Type Foundry »


Blitz Complete

New Type Foundry


Parfumerie Script Pro

New Fonts This Week

All these fresh faces just arrived this week. As always, subscribe to our newsletter and read this blog for the full stories on these. Now for all the latest from the following foundries:


Aranjuez Pro



Wayside Ornaments


50% off Fiorentina until September 1st.

Monogramma from Wiescher

Gert Wiescher’s new Monogramma is a set of 14 fonts made for creating entwined monogram initials. Monogramma Base displays these stately Roman forms plainly, without any overlay. The rest of the 13 fonts double to cover every possible two-letter combination. For example, in Monogramma GH covers all the ‘G’s and ‘H’s. Type ‘A’ and you get ‘GA’, ‘B’ gives you ‘GB’. In the lowercase, ‘c’ returns ‘HC’, ‘d’ becomes ‘HD’. No features you have to enable—it’s made to work all from the font selection menu and with a little know-how.

Lastly, the question of where to put these interlocking forms; Some have suggested the usual places—on the bath towels, the handbag, the pocketknife. Perhaps cut into the stepping stones in the garden or at the bottom left corner of the blank invitation cards. I’m sure you’ll come up with something.

All Our New Fonts

Just arriving to FontShop this week are these fresh faces from Hoftype, Wiescher and URW. You’ll hear more from us on these in posts and newsletters to come, but for now, here’s all our latest.


Sina Nova by Dieter Hofrichter


Cassandra Plus by Gert Wiescher

Collins Florets by Gert Wiescher

Greenaway Mignonettes by Gert Wiescher

Ohio Bold by Gert Wiescher

Viking Initials by Gert Wiescher


Fou Web by Michael Herold

Ribera Web by Joern Oelsner


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