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New Fonts This Week

New FoundryFatype
Adam by Fatype

New Fonts 2014 Week 5 _Adam

Adam Cut by Fatype

New Fonts 2014 Week 5 _Adam Cut

Aleksei by Fatype

New Fonts 2014 Week 5 _Aleksei

Baton by Fatype

New Fonts 2014 Week 5 _Baton

U8 by Fatype

New Fonts 2014 Week 5 _U8

New Fonts

Nitti Grotesk by BoldMonday

New Fonts 2014 Week 5 _Nitti

Neuvos by Typolar

New Fonts 2014 Week 5 _Neuvos

Metronic Slab by Mostardesign Studio

New Fonts 2014 Week 5 _Metronic Slab

Black Moon by FONTYOU, Webfonts available

New Fonts 2014 Week 5 _Black Moon

Zitrone by FONTYOU, Webfonts available

New Fonts 2014 Week 5 _Zitrone

Schwager Sans by Latinotype, Webfonts available

New Fonts 2014 Week 5 _Schwager Sans

Adria Grotesk by FaceType, Webfonts available

New Fonts 2014 Week 5 _Adria Grotesk

Continuing Promotions

Ganache by Latinotype30% off until 14 February

Estandar by Latinotype61% off until 14 February

Arquitecta by Latinotype85% off until 21 February

Adria Grotesk by FaceType90% off until 21 February

Supernett cn Family by FaceType50% off until 27 February

Squirrel, Saya, Maryleen, Brixton, Achille, Booster Next, Younion, and Vidok by FONTYOU50%-85% off until 28 February

Schwager Sans Family and Schwager Sans Family Web by Latinotype75% off until 2 March

Evergreen by Sudtipos30% off until 2 March

All Typefolio30% off until 5 March

Nitti Grotesk by Bold Monday30% off until 30 April

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New Fonts This Week

We’re starting summer right with new fonts and promotions! This week we bring you Judo ND from Neufville, Mettro Pro from Mostardesign Studio, and Doctrine from Virus Fonts.

Both Harlean from Laura Worthington and Espuma from Mint Type are 50% off until June 14. Latinotype’s Trend Handmade is $19 until June 12 and Courtney is 50% off until June 27.

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Judo ND

Mostardesign Studio

Mettro Pro

Virus Fonts


New Fonts This Week

Check out our fresh new faces. As always, subscribe to our newsletter and read this blog for the full stories. Be sure to check out the new webfonts now available from Hiba Studio and PsyOps Type Foundry. Now for the latest from the following foundries:




Hiba Studio

HS AlBasim A Web
HS AlBasim B Web
HS Alfaris Web



Mostardesign Studio

Kara Pro Complete


Edward Pro Complete

PsyOps Type Foundry

Armature Neue Complete

More from PsyOps Type Foundry »


Blitz Complete

New Type Foundry


Parfumerie Script Pro


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