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New Fonts This Week

New Fonts
Cardea by Emigre
Cardea by Emigre
Newslab by Latinotype

Newslab by Latinotype

Adorn by Laura Worthington

Adorn by Laura Worthington
Adorn by Laura Worthington
Adorn by Laura Worthington

Sherlock by Wiescher
Sherlock by Wiescher

Continuing Promotions

Business Penmanship by Sudtipos – 30% off until 22 May

Consuelo by Latinotype50% off until 28 May

Karol Sans by Type-Ø-Tones20% off until 31 May

Jugo Script by Sudtipos30% off until 6 Jun

DSari by Latinotype75% off until 12 Jun

Newslab Family by Latinotype75% off until 19 Jun

Adorn single weights by Laura Worthtington50% off until 19 Jun

Sherlock in OT and Web by Wiescher50% off until 19 Jun

Brando by Bold Monday30% off until 15 Aug

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FontShop Friday Five: Picks and Pins


We know you’re busy and the Internet is a crowded place, so we’ll try to give you a little reminder on Fridays of what’s going on out there. Below please find five recent FontShop-related threads that you may have missed.

New New New!
Lots of great new fonts this week! We’re also excited to welcome two new foundries to FontShop. Check out the great designs from LudwigType and Typefolio!

Staff Picks
Our type experts pick their favorites to share with you every month! This month, we have some great picks from Hamilton Wood Type and Laura Worthington.

Feel the Rhythm
Wondering what the pulse is of the design community? Mark your calendars for TYPO San Francisco Rhythm, presented by FontShop, this April. 

Buyer’s Guide
This week, Theresa explains the highlights of Japan based foundry, Flat-It Type Foundry EULA.

Having the typographic inspiration blues? Take a peek at our Pinterest page to get those ideas flowing!

Friday Five Fonts: FF Legato by FontFont and Justus by URW

New Fonts This Week

Estandar by Latinotype
Free Weight Regular


Pancetta Serif by Mint Type
Webfonts Available / Free Weight Regular / Free Weight Italic


Anago by Positype
Clear Sans by Positype
Screen / Text
Lust Script by Positype
Macha by Positype
Shameless by Positype
Ganache by Laura Worthington
Brixton FY by FONTYOU
Webfonts Available
Vanille FY by FONTYOU
Webfonts Available
Webfonts Available
Webfonts Available
Akhand by Indian Type Foundry
Free Display Products

akhand_tamil akhand_tamil_display

Saguna Gujarati by Indian Type Foundry


Tatsam Bengali by Indian Type Foundry


Continuing Promotions

Al Fresco Bold by Laura Worthington30% off until 21 January

Grota Rounded by Latinotype50% off until 22 January

All Politica products by Sudtipos50% off until 26 January

Pilcrow and Pilcrow Soft by Indian Type Foundry50% off until 31 January

Ganache by Latinotype30% off until 14 February

Estandar by Latinotype61% off until 14 February

Pancetta Serif Pro by Mint Type80% off until 31 January

Pancetta Serif Web by Mint Type80% off until 31 January

New Font Promotions

Just to recap, these new releases come with the following promotional prices:

Al Fresco Bold by Laura Worthington 30% off through 21 Jan
Grota Rounded by Latinotype 50% off through 22 Jan


Politica by Sudtipos, now extended from 16 to 36 weights, 50% off through 26 Jan


New Fonts This Week

Brooklyn Samuels by Samuelstype
Webfonts Available


Grota Rounded by Latinotype


Al Fresco Bold by Laura Worthington
Webfonts Available
Politica by Sudtipos

The Politica family was extended from 16 to 36 weights.


Perec Ludique by Pampatype


Continuing Promotions

Al Fresco by Laura Worthington30% off until 25 December

Felicita by Wiescher50% off until 31 December

Krul, Medusa, and Dulcinea by ReType50% off until 31 December

Bloket Pro by profonts80% off until 31 December

Select weights of Altrincham, Futura Round, Giureska, Labyrindo, Le Rock, LP Pinselschrift,
LP Saturnia, Maccaroni, Quendel, Seizième, SignPainters Script, Smooth Buggaloo, Styla, Technotyp,
and Urban by URW50% off until 31 December

Seashore by Sudtipos30% off until 3 January

Al Fresco Bold by Laura Worthington – 30% off until 21 January

Grota Rounded by Latinotype – 50% off until 22 January

All Politica products by Sudtipos – 50% off until 26 January


This post is part of a daily series that adds one ornament per day to our blog, up till the new year.


On top of the countless decorative capitals, initial & final forms and alternates, this subtly textured fine brush script hosts a slew of curly rules, floral dingbats, birds and insects.

The Ornament Series is produced collaboratively by David Sudweeks and Yves Peters.

New Fonts This Week

Pilcrow by Indian Type Foundry


Webfonts Available


Serafine FY by FONTYOU
Webfonts Available


HWT Van Lanen by Hamilton Wood Type
Webfonts Available


HWT Gothic Round by Hamilton Wood Type
Webfonts Available


VGT Stencil German No.1 by Astype


Al Fresco by Laura Worthington
Webfonts Available


Arabetics Harfi by Arabetics
Webfonts Available

Arabetics Harfi

Raqmi by Arabetics
Webfonts Available


Camille by Arabetics
Webfonts Available


Nagham by Arabetics
Webfonts Available


Continuing Promotions

Blok, Scissorgirl, Ebu Script, and Surreal Post Indian by Type-Ø-Tones20% off until 30 November

Equip and Equip Condensed by Hoftype50% off until 2 December

Santis by Latinotype50% off until 4 December

Dulce Complete Pro by Latinotype50% off until 11 December

Festival Script by Sudtipos30% off until 15 December

Felicita by Wiescher50% off until 31 December

Seashore by Sudtipos30% off until 3 January

FONTYOU Promotion — until 12 December

30% off LeanO FY
50% off Maryleen FY, Beaurencourt FY, Booster FY, and Gauthier FY
70% off Achille FY, Younion FY, and Marianina FY

Abdo Fonts Promotion — until 4 December

15% off Abdo Free, Abdo Line, Abdo Title, Abdo Screen, and Abdo Logo
25% off Abdo Egypt and Abdo Joody
40% off Abdo Rajab and Abdo Salem

Buyer’s Guide: Laura Worthington EULA

Wedding month is almost over, but desktop licenses are perpetual. So when choosing a font with flair keep that in mind because you’ll be able to use the font throughout the years.

LWLaura Worthington is a foundry that creates many script fonts with great characters and we’re focusing on her EULA this week. As with many script fonts, you want to pick a font that will work in the programs your are using. Read up on tips on how to pick a script font using non-design programs and how to design in those programs. Laura Worthington fonts are great because they look fantastic using any programs, especially when you license the TrueType-flavored OpenType versions.

Basic EULA Rights

  • Desktop use supports up to 5 CPUs and 1 printer at 1 location.
  • Creation of static images on any surface is allowed.
  • Only “Personal or Internal Business Use” is allowed.


  • You cannot share the fonts with users or printers that do not have a license for the same fonts.
  • You cannot embed the font into a Website or Application.
  • You cannot use the font in Broadcast or Film.
  • You cannot use the font in a “Commercial Product”.

See the EULA

If you have additional questions you can always email FontShop’s Support Team for help.

EULA highlights will be posted every other Monday. Stay tuned for Filmotype.

New Fonts This Week

Quite the variety of new fonts and promotions this week! DS Type introduces Diversa, Global, Ines, and Prumo. Latinotype’s latest is Courtney and Laura Worthington brings us Harlean at 50% until June 14.

Heimat Stencil and Heimat Mono from Atlas are $90 until May 26. Relato by Emtype is 30% off until May 31st. Abdo Egypt and Abdo Joody from Abdo Fonts continues to be 30% off until June 2nd. Latinotype’s recent extension, Trend Hand Made, is $19 until June 12.

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DS Type

Diversa  » Webfonts Available

Global  » Webfonts Available

Ines  » Webfonts Available

Prumo  » Webfonts Available



Laura Worthington


New Fonts This Week

This week we’re rolling out six new fonts: Savanna Script and Serge from Font Bureau, Foro Rounded with free light weight from Hoftype, Rooney Sans from Jan Fromm, Cytia Slab from Mint Type and Number Five from Laura Worthington. Number Five is also on special promotion at 50% off until April 24th.

Promotions continuing this week: Latinotype’s Love Story is being offered at a special intro price of $14, Trend at $19, Schwager at $39, and Lolita at $56 until March 18th. Type-Ø-Tones’s new fonts Arboria, Magasin, and Karol are 30% off until March 31st. Rosetta Type Foundry’s latest, Arek, is 25% until April 5th.

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Font Bureau

Savanna Script



Foro Rounded with FREE light weight

Jan Fromm

Rooney Sans

Laura Worthington

Number Five

Mint Type

Cytia Slab

Pinterested: New pins this week

pinterest-newpins2152013In case you’ve been too kerned on by this week’s Typographic Turn-ons series to notice any other news, we’ve pinned some New & Noteworthy things on Pinterest for you.

We have a lot of promotions going on this month that you don’t want to miss — some are pinned for you to check out, including Laura Worthington’s Mandevilla Family and Latinotype’s Australis. If you’re still sweating for swashes at this point, though, we’ve collected our fontastic love stories in a Typographic Turn-ons pinboard to go back to time and time again.

New Fonts This Week

We’re excited to share lots of new faces with you this week as well as welcome a new foundry to the FontShop library, Laura Worthington.

We have a wealth of promotions for you this month as well. Get 30% off Moretype’s Rehn & Rehn Condensed until February 28. Bellissima Script and Bellissima Script Redux by Sudtipos is 30% off until March 2. Cape Arcona Type Foundry’s CA Oskar Family is also 30% off until February 26. Get Laura Worthington’s Mandevilla Family at three weights for the price of one until March 1. Latinotype’s Australis is at a $60 intro price until March 11.

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New foundry Laura Worthington


Mandevilla (3 weights for the price of 1)



See all Laura Worthington fonts »

Canada Type


Common Comic


Fellowship OT


Wilke Kursiv

Cape Arcona Type Foundry


CA Oskar Family



Australis (Intro price $60 until March 11)

Schiavi Design


Sys Falso

Stephen Rapp Lettering Design


New Cuisine


Slapjack Family


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