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New Fonts This Week

Vtg Stencil US No. 72 Alt Rough by Astype
Vtg Stencil US No. 51 Regular by Astype



Continuing Promotions

Shentox by EmType30% off until 31 March

Showcase family pack by Latinotype80% off until 10 April

Anglecia Complete Pro, Anglecia Display Pro, Anglecia Title Pro, Anglecia Text Pro by Mint Type80% off until 15 April

Courtesy Script Family by Sudtipos30% off until 20 April

Nitti Grotesk by Bold Monday30% off until 30 April

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New Fonts This Week

New FoundryLudwigType
Augustin by LudwigType


Daisy by LudwigType


Helsinki by LudwigType


Marat by LudwigType


Marat Sans by LudwigType


New FoundryTypefolio
Adriane by Typefolio
Lux, Swash, Text


Petala by Typefolio


Adria Grotesk by FaceType


Arquitecta by Latinotype


Vtg Stencil US No. 72 by Astype


Continuing Promotions

All Politica products by Sudtipos50% off until 26 January

Pilcrow and Pilcrow Soft by Indian Type Foundry50% off until 31 January

Ganache by Latinotype30% off until 14 February

Estandar by Latinotype61% off until 14 February

Pancetta Serif Pro by Mint Type80% off until 31 January

Pancetta Serif Web by Mint Type80% off until 31 January

Arquitecta by Latinotype85% off until 21 February

Adria Grotesk by FaceType90% off until 21 February

New Fonts This Week

Pilcrow by Indian Type Foundry


Webfonts Available


Serafine FY by FONTYOU
Webfonts Available


HWT Van Lanen by Hamilton Wood Type
Webfonts Available


HWT Gothic Round by Hamilton Wood Type
Webfonts Available


VGT Stencil German No.1 by Astype


Al Fresco by Laura Worthington
Webfonts Available


Arabetics Harfi by Arabetics
Webfonts Available

Arabetics Harfi

Raqmi by Arabetics
Webfonts Available


Camille by Arabetics
Webfonts Available


Nagham by Arabetics
Webfonts Available


Continuing Promotions

Blok, Scissorgirl, Ebu Script, and Surreal Post Indian by Type-Ø-Tones20% off until 30 November

Equip and Equip Condensed by Hoftype50% off until 2 December

Santis by Latinotype50% off until 4 December

Dulce Complete Pro by Latinotype50% off until 11 December

Festival Script by Sudtipos30% off until 15 December

Felicita by Wiescher50% off until 31 December

Seashore by Sudtipos30% off until 3 January

FONTYOU Promotion — until 12 December

30% off LeanO FY
50% off Maryleen FY, Beaurencourt FY, Booster FY, and Gauthier FY
70% off Achille FY, Younion FY, and Marianina FY

Abdo Fonts Promotion — until 4 December

15% off Abdo Free, Abdo Line, Abdo Title, Abdo Screen, and Abdo Logo
25% off Abdo Egypt and Abdo Joody
40% off Abdo Rajab and Abdo Salem

New Fonts This Week

All these fresh faces just arrived this week. As always, subscribe to our newsletter and read this blog for the full stories on these. Now for all the latest from the following foundries:


Wood Bonnet Antique No 7

Device Fonts

Capitol Pro , Capitol Skyline Pro

Ember Regular

Korolev / Compressed / Condensed / Korolev Italic

Maraschino Black


Neue Aachen


C Gu Yin PRC


M Metallic Hei PRC
M Stiff Hei PRC
M Stream PRC
Cariola Script
Coomeec Pro
Levato Pro


David Hadash
Fencing Regular
Koorkin Pro
Terminax Regular
Titanium Motors

Astype’s Ademo & Secca Art

Looking back over Astype’s catalogue this week, a couple nice ones stood out.

Ademo by Andreas Seidel, after Carl A. Fahrenwaldt

Polychrome types like Ademo by Andreas Seidel give the typographer a lot of latitude in creating the proper relationships between positive and negative space. Initially designed in metal by Carl A. Fahrenwaldt as a shaded display face in 1931, Andreas brings new life and new uses to the design. Among these he mentions embossing, blind imaging, die- or laser cutting, stamping, and experimenting with spot coatings. The face comes in a standard set of six fonts, and supplements this with eight additional fills available individually.

Secca Art by Andreas Seidel

Secca Art is a variation of the Secca family, a fresh take on the German grotesque letter. Secca Art adds a bit of warmth, unexpectedly, through applying curves to the diagonal strokes, and through altering the stance of capitals such as D and G. The effect loosely ties the design to the early art nouveau period which Andreas cites as a direct source of inspiration. Secca Art is purchasable as an 8-weight set, a complete 11-weight set including hairlines, and in individual weights.


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