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Meet us in Washington, D.C. at TypeCon!

typeconFontShop is proud to be a sponsor of TypeCon2014. David and I (Theresa) will be attending, so feel free to say hello. Both of us are looking forward to the exceptional line-up this year, especially the Keynote Presentation by Tobias Frere-Jones. Along with the main conference there are workshops and special presentations. In fact, I gotta jet – Dana Tanamachi is giving a talk in a few minutes that I don’t want to miss. I’ll be tweeting highlights throughout the conference.


Buyer’s Guide: FontShop Help Desk

At FontShop we do our best to make sure all of your font purchases go smoothly. However, if something does go wrong, we’re here to help!

Clicking on the help button at the top right corner of our website will take you to the FontShop Help Desk.

Screen Shot 2014-07-28 at 3.50.27 PM

Here you can browse our collection of FAQ articles and help topics, or submit a new support request.

Screen Shot 2014-07-28 at 3.35.31 PMMissing a font download? Need a copy of your invoice? Our support team can quickly resolve these issues. You only need to provide us with the email address you placed your order with.

If you’re on the go and can’t access our help desk, you can always email FontShop’s Support Team for help.

FontShop Joins Monotype

Today is a groundbreaking day in FontShop’s 25 year history, the most important one since our formation. The US typeface company Monotype just announced that they have acquired FontShop and the FontFont library. You can read more on this news over at The FontFeed or in a detailed press release.

New Fonts This Week

New Fonts
Pleasure Point by Comicraft


Ferry Black by Letters from Sweden
Como by Flat-it Type Foundry


Compasse by Flat-it Type Foundry


Graphie by Flat-it Type Foundry


Kiro by Flat-it Type Foundry
Pero by Flat-it Type Foundry


Bookeyed Martin by Tart Workshop



Arlt Lanzallamas by PampaType



Continuing Promotions

Anglecia Complete Pro, Anglecia Display Pro, Anglecia Title Pro, Anglecia Text Pro by Mint Type80% off until 15 April

Courtesy Script Family by Sudtipos30% off until 20 April

Sofia Soft by Mostardesign Studio = 75% off until 23 of April

DIY Time by Latinotype = 75% off until 23 of April

Nitti Grotesk by Bold Monday30% off until 30 April

P22 Wedge by IHOF25% off until 30 April

Marianina FY by FONTYOU80% off until 4 May

Coco FY and Chelly FY by FONTYOU50% off until 4 May

Exquise FY, Kaili FY, Bruum FY by FONTYOU70% off until 4 May

All Laski Slab in Web and OT by ReType30% off until 7 May

Business Penmanship by Sudtipos30% off until 22 May

Want detailed showing of new fonts straight to your inbox? Make sure you’re receiving them in your inbox. They maybe getting lost in the promotions section. If you use Gmail then you can drag and drop the FontShop Newsletter from your Promotions Tab to your Primary Tab.

FontShop Friday Five: TYPO SF and More!


We know you’re busy and the Internet is a crowded place, so we’ll try to give you a little reminder on Fridays of what’s going on out there. Below please find five recent FontShop-related threads that you may have missed.

TYPO Live Streaming

Day one of TYPO San Francisco was a blast and now we are on day two for more fun and inspiration! If you aren’t able to join us in person, live streaming is available. You can catch these speakers today:
Friday, April 11, 10 a.m.: Lisa Congdon, Embrace the Abyss & Other Lessons
Friday, April 11, 1 p.m.: Elliott Earls, Money, Sex, and Power – The Mechanics of a Hybrid Practice
Friday, April 11, 6 p.m.: Aaron James Draplin, “Tall Tales from a Large Man” with Aaron Draplin of the Draplin Design, Co.

Buyer’s Guide: TYPO SF Anagram Scavenger Hunt

Don’t forget, we’re having our scavenger hunt and everyone who participates wins a prize! Clues will be given via Twitter and Instagram to find the FontShopper with the missing character.

New Fonts

A ton of new fonts have been added to FontShop this week! Great designs from foundries like Fontpartners, Typonine, OurType and new foundry Brownfox!

Next FontShop

We’ve been receiving some great feedback on the new site. Keep them coming! But, if you haven’t noticed, we recently released our beta version of the next FontShop! It’s raw and unfinished, but we launched it anyway and want to know what you think! Check out the new site here.


In dire need of some inspiration? Check out the plethora of boards on our Pinterest page!


Friday Five Fonts: FF Karbid and FF Karbid Slab by FontFont

Buyer’s Guide: Don’t Miss the Next FontShop Newsletter

Need typographic inspiration? Make sure you’re receiving the FontShop Newsletter in your inbox. If you use Gmail, then you may see your messages separated into three categories: Primary, Social, and Promotions.

To make sure that you never miss out on New Fonts, Website Features, or TYPO SF news from the experts you trust just update your inbox setting using the tips below.


Click on the Promotion tab and right-click on any FontShop message. Then select ‘Move to tab ▶ Primary’


Or you can drag and drop any FontShop message to the Primary Tab.

Don’t miss our next Newsletter, its full of great typefaces and promotions.

Buyer’s Guide: Offline Payment Options

FontShop has several online payment options, but did you know that we have offline options? You can request to pay by purchase order with a check or wire transfer.


Just email our Support Team and we’ll send you a form to fill out so that we can add your company to our database. You can then email your purchase order request to FontShop to fulfill. If you need a formal quote before placing an order then we can create one for you. Once your order has been processed, you’ll receive your fonts in a zip file through email with your invoice.

Halloween at FontShop San Francisco


Happy Halloween from the team at FontShop San Francisco!

Although our costumes aren’t typographic in nature, we thought we’d recommend a couple of designs that match our individual styles today.

Meghan’s PUNKin outfit pairs well with anything from our Distressed or Industrial & Urban Decay FontLists.

FF Manga matches Theresa’s anime-inspired outfit perfectly.

David’s sailor costume will get you through these waterlogged fonts.

Finally, Molly feels the Spooky family best sums up her look today.

What typeface best captures your spirit today? Tell us in the comments.

Buyer’s Guide: Free Fonts Page

Looking for more great ways to try out a new font? We’ve create a new Free Fonts Page for you to download and enjoy free fonts on FontShop. Usually these include a weight or two of a family you’ll end up falling in love with. The latest additions are at the top, so you’ll want to bookmark the page and check back regularly. These fonts are free of charge, but you will need to agree to their EULA’s.


Once you’ve found the free font you want to download, you’ll be asked to sign in to your account and agree to the EULA. If you don’t have an account, then you will have to create one. Once you’ve agreed to the license, the fonts will download to your designated download folder. These font files are not shareware, but you can share the page.

Want to know more about how free fonts aren’t really free? Read the three-part series on the FontFeed; An Introduction to Free Fonts, Free Fonts: Free Is Not Always Free, and Free Fonts: Technical and Artistic Beauty.

If you have additional questions you can always email FontShop’s Support Team for help.

Don’t forget you can also try out almost all of our fonts for free in your comps using the FontShop Plugin for Adobe Creative Suite.

Introducing FontFont’s App+

FontFont wants to ensure you have the perfect typeface for your project. To make it easy as pie to get what you need, we’re launching a new App+ license, streamlined packages, and a multi-format discount. Now it’s even simpler to bring your brand to life with a universal typographic voice.


Easy licensing for mobile apps, editable documents and hardware — introducing App+

Want to use FF DIN in a mobile app, embed FF Scala in a PowerPoint Presentation or enhance a car interface with FF Meta? Now you can with FontFont’s brand new App+ license. Comprehensive, affordable, and available online, App+ makes it really simple to license FontFonts for apps, games, editable PDFs and hardware. What’s more, with App+ you don’t need to buy a license for every app or device. One license covers them all.

Simple and streamlined

We’ve improved and streamlined our products. Every font package now has the same weights across each format. So you can rest assured that if you purchase the same packages in different formats, you’ll have the same fonts.

Bundle and save

Save 10% when you purchase any combination of OpenType, Office, or Web FontFont formats. Make sure you have every format you need for present and future projects, and save money too!

Congrats Wedding Month Winners!

We had so much fun hearing your wedding stories and seeing your gorgeous designs throughout June’s Wedding Month! Today we’re pleased to announce the winners of our two contests.


Congratulations to Great Pair, Katie & Jerry, on winning help from type expert David Sudweeks to pick out $100 toward fonts for their wedding. Our blog readers voted Katie’s story their favorite. We love it too – and are sure David will find typefaces for them with that perfect “opposites attract” feel.

Jerry and I met in college while on a trip with mutual friends to an ice skating rink. By the end of our first night I knew that he was an accomplished figure skater (hot!), that he loved Bill Nye the Science Guy, and that I was completely smitten. It took me a while to convince him that we were perfect for each other…I had a head of bright pink hair, he definitely did not; he was a gamer, I was not; he was the pickiest eater I had ever met (the only fruit he ate was apples, his diet consisted of plain pasta, rice, chicken, and Goldfish crackers), I was kind of horrified that my usual method of wooing (lots, and lots of food) was just not going to work. But here we are, almost 5 years later. I’ve become a gamer, he eats like a human, and no one has pink hair. I cannot imagine my life without him. Somehow, together we equal more than the sum of our parts, and our differences balance us. We’re getting married 10/4/14 (10+4=14! nerds!) and would like to find typefaces that are as great together as we are.

“We’re so excited,” Katie says upon winning the contest. “We live in Boston, MA where Jerry is working towards a PhD in Chemistry and I am working as a fledgling museum exhibit developer. We’re getting married in the Hudson Valley near the college (and ice skating rink) where we met.”

With dozens of entries into our Design Contest, the competition remained close on our Pinterest board until the end. A big congratulations to Wes Lyman, whose stationery design for his 2012, garnered 63 likes by voting deadline. We echo Wes’ sentiments: “The board hosted a lot of great work!” “

Wes used SudtiposBurgues Script and Adobe Garamond Pro to create this gorgeous collateral letter pressed in PMS 325 and Black on natural white letter press paper.

A huge thanks to all of those who entered both contests! Let us know if in the comments if you’d like to see more in the future.

More Women in Type

Following up on last year’s note celebrating International Women’s Day is this one, highlighting the work of another three women who design type.

Veronika Elsner, set in TV Nord 4

Veronika Elsner, in the first conversation I ever had with her said straightway, “And I am the first woman to digitize type.” She did it in her home, in the mid-70s, before personal computers—by carefully touching in order a digitization device’s stylus to each of the marked points on a tightly-drawn character sheet. Veronika with her partner Günther Flake are the foundry Elsner+Flake.

Zuzana Licko, set in Matrix Script

Zuzana Licko’s leading charge during the first digital design revolution carves out a deserved spot in the history books, but her work presses on. I credit Zuzana for first introducing me to John Baskerville’s mistress (and later, wife) Sarah Eaves, after whom she names a very popular cut of Baskerville. Pronounce Licko with me—it’s Litchko.


Laura Worthington, set in Alana

Laura Worthington is my most recent acquaintance of the three, and FontShop’s most recently added library fitting the category of exclusively female-designed type. Laura’s type work draws naturally from her hand work, carefully documenting the feeling of each of the various styles.

And the list goes on, but I’ll stop here. Thanks Tiffany Wardle de Sousa for compiling the list, by the way.

Typographic Horrors: Fake Small Decapitation

Part three in our series of blood-curdling common mistakes:

He shuddered, realizing something didn’t add up. An impostor had snuck into the midst and only those with  a trained eye such as his could spot the difference.“Good God!” he panicked, “The others don’t even know the horror right in front of their eyes! And they won’t until it’s too late.” He silently sobbed knowing that the real thing looked so much better than this typographic incubus. He vowed revenge on the designer who denied life to OpenType features, opting instead for fake small caps.

Certain desktop publishing programs allow you to too easily create ad hoc small caps. Fake small caps are simply scaled-down regular caps, their weight is too light and their proportions too narrow, which makes them look wispy (a tell-tale sign of an impostor). Instead, use them through the OpenType features or a separate small caps font. Your design will look the way the typographer intended, with the symphony of letterforms playing correctly together.

“FAKE” in graphic set in Poltergeist by GarageFonts

Buyer’s Guide: What is EOT and WOFF?

Webfont licenses allow your font to live on your website using the CSS @font-face rule and come in two formats; EOT and WOFF.

Internet Explorer uses EOT, Embedded OpenType, to render webfonts and it has been supported since version 4.0. While WOFF, Web Open Font Format, is supported by multiple browsers — and it is currently in the process of being standardized upon the recommendation of the W3C.

If you are new to webfonts then take a peek at FontShop’s Designers Guide to Webfonts, available on our education page. It’s great introduction and while you’re there you can brush up on your typography skills.

We also recommend downloading FontFont’s webfont user guide, available here, for more in-depth reading aimed at web developers and system administrators.

Happy Birthday FontBook: Thank YOU

On the eve of FontBook App for iPad’s first birthday, we can’t wrap up this week’s series without extending a big THANK YOU to the over 25,000 (that’s 50,000 font-ogling eyeballs) of you who have downloaded the app in the last year. Now close your eyes, make a wish, and tell us in the comments what you’d like to see in FontBook’s future!


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