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Pinterested: Great Pairs

Pinterested: Great Pairs

In need of a good pair?

Great Pairs by our Type Expert David Sudweeks, can be found every Wednesday on our blog. Here he’ll address the how’s and why’s of combining typefaces to help out with your typography needs.

Pinterested: New & Noteworthy

Pinterested: New & Note

Want to catch up on new arrivals? Check out our New & Noteworthy board for all promos and new fonts released every Tuesday!

Pinterested: Cut & Color


Construction paper never looked so good! Check out Cut & Color for precision paper crafting and all kinds of fancy folds to inspire your next project.

Pinterested: Amplified

Pinterested: Amplified

It’s time to get amplified! We’ve got a board filled with endless ampersand fun. Who knew you could bake them too?!

Pinterested: Mugshot


Need a little pick-me-up? Check out our Mugshot board to get a little pep in your step with these coffee influenced fonts at FontShop!

Pinterested: Witty Words

Pinterested: Witty Words

Ever need a good laugh or just want to be inspired by creative typography, the Witty Words board will fulfill all of your type needs!

Pinterested: Bright Lights

Pinterest Bright Lights

Electrified and luminous—check out our Bright Lights pinboard, with photos from fStop Images and color your day in neon!

Pinterested: Pow! Bam! Zap!


Did you know September 25th was National Comic Book Day in the US? If not, that’s ok — check out our Holy Typography Batman! pinboard and find some comically set typography.

Pinterested: X Marks The Spot


Yesterday was International Talk Like a Pirate Day, so if yer still out revelin’, here’s some type booty for ye to check out. Our X Marks The Spot pinboard is a collection of typographic treasures and photos from fStop Images that’ll suit yer fancy.

Pinterested: Like A Boss


While Video Games Day is in July, National Video Games Day is actually September 12th. Did you celebrate yesterday by playing video games? If not, that’s ok — check out our collection of pixel fonts that will remind you of the days you had to blow into a cartridge to make a game work. Our Like A Boss board brings back 8-bit memories — finding the Triforce, fighting off the undead in Transylvania, realizing the Princess is in another castle. Maybe you can use Lomo Std or Sys Flash Ten and create your own video game.

Pinterested: Mugshot


Today is Fight Procrastination Day (we’re not making this up!), so grab a cup of coffee and do this: check out our Mugshot pinboard. Don’t think of it as procrastinating; you’ll be looking at type, which is definitely important!

Pinterested: Back To School


Ready for a new semester? Even if you’re not yet ready for all the homework and exams in store for you, our Back To School pinboard is a collection of images and fonts that are reminiscent of playgrounds, chalkboards, and learning how to connect your letters in writing with that thing called cursive that will help ease your mind. From fonts that remind you of elementary school like Lemonade Std Regular to fonts that hold memories of pep rallies and high school football games such as Yearbook Std Solid and Princetown Com.

Pinterested: Alphabetized


How many of you are excited to start a new school year? Ok, maybe you’re not excited for all the new books you have to read or all the lectures you have to sit through, but we have something that will keep you interested. Our Alphabetized board is a collection of interesting finds that showcase full alphabet designs ranging from posters, unique fonts, home decor, and character sets designed just for fun.

Pinterested: Water You Waiting For


As the end of summer is nearing, it’s still important to stay hydrated! August is National Water Quality Month in the US, so we went fishing in our ocean of fonts for some water-themed faces from Linotype’s WaterFlag Regular and F2F Whale Tree Std Regular to Electric Typographer’s Finfont — you can find these gems in our Water You Waiting For board.

Pinterested: Type Travels


Did you enjoy our travel-themed newsletter this week? We have a few vacation boards on Pinterest from past trips our very own FontShoppers have taken. From Tokyo to London, check out non-Western type in use and find Old English in the UK.


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